Monday, 27 December 2010

Mum's Elf Hat.

Hey everyone! It's Kim here with a fun christmas knitting adventure. [: Mum and I have been spending pretty much all holiday watching movies and knitting. Pretty perfect if you ask me!
The pattern is originally from here: Fishbone Designs. It says that she originally adapted it from a vintage pattern. Cool! Mum just found it by searching for 'free hat patterns' I think. Anyway- It's really adorable and there are a lot of other patterns over at the Fishbone blog. [:

The only problem we had was that it's written for a kid's head! Here are the changes that Mum made for an adult head of 23inches around (it's kind of big so if your head is small, you'll probably want to make it a bit smaller).
5.5mm Needle (circular or dpns)
Double Knit wool.
Add on extra 20 st when cast on. so 90 st in total.
It's really perfect for christmas time or snow days. [:
See you soon, Kimxo

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