Thursday, 31 March 2011

We're One!

As a quickie blog post here are the number 1's I knitted (or at least tried to) at each venue! We had such an awesome day at all the locations and I'm utterly exhausted but completely happy! All the wool I used to knit the ones was bought from each location too! There was sooooo much to choose from!

So until I'm able to spend a whole day blogging to fill you all in, which will probably be at some point this weekend, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me throughout the past year and made yesterday such a fun and successful first birthday!

xx Knitter Love, Jackie xx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Two Days To Go! (and a book review!)

The Wednesday Knit First Birthday Crawl is only 2 days away (this Wednesday 30th March) and to help with the celebrations, I'll be running a small giveaway of a couple of books kindly sent to me by New Holland Publishers (and a few other knitty bits and pieces) as well as posting a couple of reviews as well! The first review I'm posting today, and is of the book above, 'Love...Knitting' by Val Pierce. This book is just as good for a beginner knitters and advanced knitters alike but knowledge of the basics is recommended before diving into it! There are step-by-step instructions at the beginning, so if you need a bit of a reminder of stitches and techniques then they are at hand, but if you don't need them you can just dive right into the many amazing projects the pages have to offer. My first project is going to be the Shimmer Headband. I'm trying to get through my stash and this projects requires only 50g of 2 colours - one for the headband and another for the bow decoration attached. It's very on-trend with a lot of knitted headbands I've seen in the shops recently like this one from Lowie...

and this one from River Island at ASOS (that's currently out of stock)...

Now, I know that we're coming out of those cold, cold Winter months and into a currently very sunny and warm London Spring but a knitted headband is a great seasonal transitional piece to have - you don't want your head to be too warm in a thick, woolly hat and a knitted headband helps to keep your ears warm and keep you looking stylish too! And it's always the best thing, when someone asks where you bought your headband from and you can tell them you made it yourself!!

To help you with this task at hand, New Holland Publishers have kindly offered Wednesday Knit readers a 20% when ordering this book through their website as well as free P&P when you type in the discount code Crafty - how good is that?! And to top it all off, this discount code is valid until December this year! So you have a whole 9 months to use it!

Check back after Wednesday for the giveaway (I'm going to be picking up a few bits and pieces at the shops we'll be visiting!) and a round up of the events. I'll be doing mini-live blogs from each location as well as a few pictures of everyone and will be tweeting our adventures as well (follow me over at @craftyfoxj).

I'm very excited about all the things that will be happening in the next few days and really looking forward to a whole day of knitting and chatting and coffee and tea! Hopefully I'll see you there! Until then...

xx Knitter Love, Jackie xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday Knit Will Be One!

Yes, it's true! Wednesday Knit will be turning the grand ol' age of one this month - 30th March to be exact!

You don't know how excited I am by this fact! I can't believe my little knitting club will be ONE!! To celebrate this momentus occassion in my knitting career/club life, I'm going to have a little party! But this won't just be any party. Oh, no.

We're going to have a knit crawl. A WEDNESDAY KNIT CRAWL to be precise! It's a bit like a pub crawl without the getting drunk park! Instead of going to a pub, I'm inviting you all to come visit some of the best wool shops in London with me. Already confirmed are Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green, Fabrications on Broadway Market and All The Fun of the Fair in Kingly Court/Carnaby Street! And all these lovely, lovely ladies (and shops) are offering Wednesday Knit readers 10-20% discount!

The day will be spent blogging and tweeting from these fab locations and a couple more will be added on hopefully soon. The Wednesday Knit Crawl will end up at The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill for our monthly Last Wednesday Knitting Club meeting at 6pm and from there we will just have to see how much birthday cake we can consume before 8:30pm!

The itinerary still needs to be confirmed andthere will be a discount voucher available to print off here closer to the time, but EVERYONE is welcome!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! As soon as the itinerary is up, you can choose to come along for the whole day or just one or two locations or just the meeting in the evening! It's entirely up to you!

I'll be posting more often around here too this month, to celebrate the 1st birthday of Wednesday Knit and hopefully will have a few little surprises for you all along the way! I'll see you all soon!

xx Knitter Love, Jackie xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wool Winders.

Mum unearthed this great wool winder from somewhere deep in her craft room. It was made by a sister of a dear friend of ours from California (Humbolt County- Near the Oregon coast). She's a wiz at woodwork (we have several of her plates and a sweet little acorn box), and this was a real pleasant surprise.

It's quite a mesmerizing and magical process. Kind of dreamy, huh?Anyone out there dabble in dying their own yarns? Spinning? Have some sheep? Silkworms? [: I'm becoming a bit of a knitting nerd!