Wednesday, 29 December 2010


...or Knit it Yourself's! Here's a few for you to enjoy and make over the New Year break (or now if you're still on holiday)!

Design*Sponge has a great archive of DIYs for all occasions and this includes a few knitted ones! Here we have some lovely knitted glass covers for any recycled jars you may have lying around at home and are using but are a little on the plain side. You will need to know how to knit in the round on DPNs, purl, cable and increase/decrease. They are suited to an advanced beginner or intermediate level knitter.

The Craftster community is also amazing for all things crafty and I found this lovely slouchy Tam on there. It uses 2 colours but you don't need to know Fair Isle or any fancy techniques as each row is knit independently in your colour choice. It is another one for an advanced beginner/intermediate knitter and requires knowing how to knit in the round on DPNs, purl and increase/decrease.

One of my favourite knitters, Stephanie of Tiny Owl Knits, occasionally puts out free patterns and these oh so whimsically beautiful wrist-ees are one of those! Find the pattern here on her blog or on Ravelry if you have an account. And help support her by buying her other fantastic patterns. I currently knit up the Deer Hat with Antlers pattern and can't stop wearing it!

I hope you have liked these few free KIYs and I'll be back soon with many more!

xx Knitter Love, Jackie xx

Monday, 27 December 2010

Mum's Elf Hat.

Hey everyone! It's Kim here with a fun christmas knitting adventure. [: Mum and I have been spending pretty much all holiday watching movies and knitting. Pretty perfect if you ask me!
The pattern is originally from here: Fishbone Designs. It says that she originally adapted it from a vintage pattern. Cool! Mum just found it by searching for 'free hat patterns' I think. Anyway- It's really adorable and there are a lot of other patterns over at the Fishbone blog. [:

The only problem we had was that it's written for a kid's head! Here are the changes that Mum made for an adult head of 23inches around (it's kind of big so if your head is small, you'll probably want to make it a bit smaller).
5.5mm Needle (circular or dpns)
Double Knit wool.
Add on extra 20 st when cast on. so 90 st in total.
It's really perfect for christmas time or snow days. [:
See you soon, Kimxo

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Knitmas!

From both myself and Kim, have a brilliant Christmas! We hope you have fun times and we'll be back in a few days or so to fill you in on how the handmade gifts went down! Until then, be safe on your travels and enjoy your days!

xx Knitter Love xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hiya, I'm Kim!

Hi there Ho there! My name is Kim Smith and it's really nice to meet you. [: Jackie is so sweet to ask me to be involved with this blog, and I'm pumped to bring you lots of fun wooly inspiration as well as (hopefully) share photos of our knitting nights! I'm a bit silly and 'freestyle' in terms of my photos and knitting, but life's too short to take too seriously, right? Anyway, lets get down to 'business'...

How long have I been knitting for?

Well, my Mum has always been involved in Quilting and we did our fair share of card making with a group of ladies when I was smaller. Knitting was kind of a seasonal thing to me growing up, and I remember getting the hang of it when I was around 10 years old. (wow, that means I've been knitting for 10 years! crazy!) But, I'd say I've been 'more focused' for about 3 years now: trying new stitches, finding my own knitting books, buying my own yarn, taking it on public transport, adventuring away from just scarves and having get-to-gethers at my home. I remember I always used to like teaching people how to knit and you can't beat sitting around with a couple of girl friends while flashing those needles!

Why did I start knitting?

It was something fun to learn when I was smaller. Good mother/daughter times. Keeps my hands busy while watching t.v. or on buses. Another craft that I fell in love with. It's magical. We all know I'm secretly a Grandma.

Why do I knit?

Mainly, just because my cat likes to play with wool. No, seriously. [: I live alone (with my cute kitty cat) and also deal with an illness that makes me incredibly tired, so I've been picking up my needles more often than not because it gives me something to do while I relax after a difficult day. I've always been the type of person who doesn't like to waste time, and when I was told that I need to take it a bit easier, I turned to something that comforts me and also gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love trying out new patterns and even making them up sometimes! I'm working up to the stage where I'll be able to incorporate some knitting into my Illustrations more, but at the moment I'm 'practicing' and making things for fun.

How did I find out about/get involved in Wednesday Knit?
Well, most of my fondest memories of 'girlfriends' have all involved something of the crafty sort. I used to love to tag along with Mum and hang out with her friends while they all stitched away, and when I moved to London for Uni, I knew I wanted to find a special group of my own. Jackie and I had been chatting online for a while (y'know how it is, bloggers) and I was pretty excited that here was a girl of 'my type' right in London. haha. Now, this year a lot of people from my illustration course want to learn how to knit- so hopefully they'll tag along with me to Wednesday Knit

(This is a photo I took at my first meeting at the travel bookshop!)

Do I have any tips for wannabe knitters?

Relax and start small. Get someone to show you how to start and pick an easy yarn to work with. Don't try and make a fair isle sweater or pair of socks for your first project! Once you get the hang of it and can recognize your stitches a little bit, pick a slightly harder project and learn as you go! I found that using a book with pictures and instructions worked well, but if you're more of a visual person, look on Youtube or ask friends. Don't be scared, have lots of patience, realize that knitting can be very repetitive and don't get discouraged if you mess up!

Oh and start looking in your local 99p stores and charity shops and markets for bargains on wool and needles!

What else do I do other than knit and crochet?

I'm currently doing a BA in Illustration at Camberwell (UAL), and it's wonderful! I also take a lot of photographs and decorate my home and cuddle with my cat and make milkshakes and dream about riding my vespa again. Oh, and I keep a blog/online shop called Art Equals Happy which I hope to one day make my full time job.

It was nice to meet you, if you have any Q's just leave them in the comments.
See you soon! Kimxo

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hello! I'm Jackie...

...and I am the lady person that decided she wanted to set up a knitting club. I'm going to set this out as a Q&A style session with myself as both questioner and answerer (I think I just made up 2 words there, haha), and if there is still something you want to know, just pop the question in the comments section and I'll answer them in another post! Right, you ready? Here goes...

How long have I been knitting for?
On and off for several years but properly for, I'd say, the last 2. I'm a very visual learner and couldn't pick up things easily unless I watched another person do them so it took me a while but once I understood the basics the more complicated stitches have been easier to understand and get to grips with.

Why did I start knitting?
I've seen my mum knit for years (she's the one who taught me over and over again until I finally caught on) and decided that I wanted to do it. I think I picked up on knitting just as it was re-surging in popularity and so bought lots of books at the bookshop I was working at.

Why do I knit?
Right now, I knit for pleasure. I find it very relaxing and it's a great way to take my mind off anything that's bugging me or that I want to forget about for a while. Christmas is another matter though, and I've been recently making all my family's gifts! Haha, yes I'm behind...a couple of people will be getting IOU's (Whoops! Hehe) Knitting is not something I'm using to make money from right now, but hopefully in the future I'll be able to sell patterns/garments that I make...I'm just starting to design/create my own knitting patterns and am finding it very rewarding when the pattern works! Haha.

Why did I set up a knitting club?
It's something that, since I became serious about knitting, I've wanted to do. I went to a couple of other knitting groups/clubs around London but didn't really feel like I was able to chat to many people - too noisy, too many people, too many formed groups of knitters who knew each other. I know this sounds weird, and the people that I did talk to were very welcoming but like any community you get little cliques or just feel like you don't really belong or are getting out of the situation what you expected to. So I decided to set up my own - firstly The Last Wednesday Knitting Club in Notting Hill, which has been a success in my eyes, i.e. people actually turning up each month, and from January 12th Wednesday Knit² will be taking place in East London. I've made new friends and have a great time each month just getting to chinwag with a group of like-minded women (men haven't come along yet, but they are very welcome!) and knit!

Do I have any tips for wannabe knitters?
Yes. Don't give up! It is really frustrating to begin with when you can't remember what you're doing or meant to do and when all these holes turn up in your scarf and it gets thinner and fatter at certain points. But don't throw down the knitting needles just yet! Knitting gets easier the more you do it, like everything! And I've still got the first piece of sample/practice knitting I ever did and look back at it fondly and think, "Yeah, I've got skills now!". I have taught knitting and crochet and watching someone get past the knitting wall of frustration is very rewarding for both me as the teacher and them as the student.

What else do I do other than knit and run knitting clubs?
I am literally a Jackie-of-all-trades! I am a teaching assistant, bookshop worker, casual shop assistant, admin assistant, blogger, wannabe illustrator/writer/artist.......I do lots of things and enjoy them all. Hopefully 2011 proves a little calmer in terms of my employment but at this stage in my life I guess I can just chalk it all up as life experience that I will look back on fondly and tell tales of when I'm old and greyer! Haha.

For those who are eagle-eyed you may have noticed that I'm crocheting in one picture. This blog won't purely be for knitting - any crochet that takes my or Kim's fancy will end up on here for your viewing. We love all yarn crafts and welcome knitters, stitchers and hookers alike! Hehe.

So I hope you have enjoyed this wee introduction. Kim's is up next and I hope you enjoy reading hers and stick around to check up on what we blog about and find interesting in this little woolly world.

xx Knitter Love xx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Little Backstory

So, I guess I should let you know how Wednesday Knit came about...

In late February or early March of 2010 (I can't remember which is was now) I had an idea that I wanted to set up a knitting club in a small bookshop I was working in (and still do occasionally). My manager, Saara, was very supportive of this and gave me the go-ahead and use of the bookshop whenever I decided to set the meetings for. I got the idea for the name from a book I'd read, called The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and I wanted a name that sounded as catchy as it did. I knew that I only wanted to run the knitting club once a month to start off with and had decided on the last Wednesday of the month as the day it would be held on. So, The Last Wednesday Knitting Club was born.

A little bit of advertising on my blog, other people doing some for me (both online and at other knitting clubs) and a few posters around the Notting Hill area later, the first meeting of The Last Wednesday Knitting Club took place on 31st March at The Travel Bookshop. I think 5 people came to the first meeting and I was gobsmacked that anybody turned up at all! Each month since then The Last Wednesday Knitting Club has developed regulars and people that just want to drop in whenever they are able to. Our biggest turn out so far has been around 10/12 people and to be honest I'm not disappointed by that number at all!

When I started the knitting group, it wasn't about attracting large numbers of people who wanted to knit or crochet or sew socially or learn how to do any of these nor was it to make money (I do not charge for entry or membership and I haven't made any money either by selling things like merchandise, etc). It was about wanting to make new friends and to do something I wanted to do with other like-minded people. If you were a beginner, great! We would have someone to teach you. If you already had the skills, great! You could pass your skills onto another or just enjoy your evening with your knitting. I wanted a relaxed environment where you could just do as you please.

9 months down the line and my metaphorical baby has grown into something bigger. I decided at the end of October that I wanted to start another knitting club in East London, closer to where I currently live. Wednesday Knit² was the outcome of that brainwave and will officially launch on 12th January 2011 at The Victoria Pub on Grove Road. The response to Wednesday Knit² so far has been great too and I can't wait for the first meeting and seeing new faces and old!

I'll be adding more to this blog and telling you more as the week goes on about me and my lovely new contributor, Kim from Art Equals Happy! I'm so glad Kim's on board as she's one of the most creative and cool people I know!

But for now...

xx Knitter Love xx

Friday, 17 December 2010

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

This is just a quick quick quick blog post to say welcome to the blog for the Wednesday Knit knitting clubs!

Presently, there are 2: The Last Wednesday Knitting Club at The Travel Bookshop and from 12th January 2011, Wednesday Knit² will be taking place at The Victoria Pub on Grove Road. I'll be back this weeked for a couple of special blog posts to introduce you to the knitting clubs and the person behind them - ME!!

So for now, keep on knitting!

xx Knitter Love xx